CTS Targets Integrating Pro-Staff due to Expediential Growth

CTS Targets Integrating Pro-Staff due to Expediential Growth

(Springfield, MN, December 30, 2016): CTS Targets, a new, up-and-coming steel target company that is quickly becoming a leader in the AR-500 steel target category, is actively seeking qualified and passionate pro-staffers. Due to the overwhelming growth and popularity of the CTS Targets line, the need for pro-staffers adds a crucial component to continue and ideally increase the CTS product and brand awareness.

“We’re right in the middle of big growth spurt and are very pleased on how this past year has gone,” said Eric Rundell, Sales & Marketing Manager for CTS Targets. “One thing we’ve learned as that when people actually get to shoot our targets and use our accessories, they’re usually sold. Our goal is to set-up a very robust pro-staff program with the hopes that this team will actively use and show our products to others. It’s an exciting time and we want as many people using our products as possible.”

Creating a pro-staff and the program thereof will ultimately provide CTS Targets with a team of individuals who will use grassroots efforts to promote core products and accessories. Too, the pro-staff will be instrumental in providing content for CTS’s Social Media outlets, representing the Company at local and regional shows and events, visiting local and regional sporting goods stores and ideally being great ambassadors while representing the CTS brand.

If interested in applying for the CTS Targets Pro-Staff Team and joining a great group of people, please visit http://ctstargets.com/prostaff.html

About CTS Targets:
Combining high quality AR500 steel with simple, yet innovative designs, CTS Targets has created superior quality products at an exceptional value. Whether you are looking for a simple, portable target that lasts, or a variety of targets to sell in your retail store, CTS Targets delivers. CTS is a division of Teske Manufacturing, a leader in trailer manufacturing, and experts in steel for over 30 years.

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