Return Policy
Return Policy: All our products can be returned within 14 days of purchase. Only unused targets can be returned. Buyer pays return shipping costs.

Warranty Information
We have a 3-month wear-and-tear warranty on all our products and a 1-year craftsmanship warranty which includes welds. We do not cover paint in our warranty. When shooting steel, the bullet fragments can chip the paint which can lead to rust. This is normal and is expected to happen. Our warranty does not cover misuse or abuse. This includes shooting a target too close or using steel core or other hybrid core ammunition.

Lead Times
We do our best to maintain a good inventory of the products available on our website. If we are out of stock of an Item, it may take up to 3 weeks (depending on the season) to ship out your order. We will let you know if this is the case at the time of purchase.

Cutting Steel
All our AR500 Targets are cut on a Bystronic Laser Table. With a 6000-watt capacity, the cuts are fast, accurate and maintain the steel's Brinell hardness rating.

Our Philosophy on Shooting Steel
Our Philosophy on Shooting Steel: Shooting steel can be one of the most fun experiences when it comes to target or competitive shooting. The “Ping” you hear when your bullet connects is very rewarding and satisfying. BUT! Shooting steel can also be dangerous! Eye protection is a requirement from all shooters and bystanders. The sport itself is safe when you follow safety precautions and shoot at safe distances. There is always a chance that bullet fragments (bits of lead or the copper jacket) can come back at you. This is a risk you take when shooting steel and we are not responsible for anything that happens with regards to this. That said, we go above and beyond in our research and development to make sure that we offer incredibly safe and reliable shooting targets. We only recommend shooting steel that is hard enough to destroy the bullet on impact. That is why we only use Certified AR500 Steel for our Targets. We recommend only shooting target loads at your steel targets if you want to increase the life of your targets. If you want your steel to last don’t try to push limits. This includes shooting at close distances or shooting the steel with steel core ammo or other types of armor piercing or penetrating type ammo.

Steel Shooting Rating
Steel Shooting Rating: Our overall guidelines for minimum shooting distance is 15 yards for pistol and 100 yards for rife. 3/8” thick plates can handle projectiles hitting plate under 2,700 fps up to 30.06 but if you’re careful and drastically increase distance you can use higher calibers. ¼” plates are not recommended for use with rifles or Magnum Pistol Calibers. That said, different weight bullets carry more/less energy at different speeds. We recommend spot checking your plates when shooting different calibers. If a bullet leaves a small mark or nick, increase your distance to reduce wear on your plate. Trying to dent or penetrate your steel is considered abuse and is not covered under our warranty.

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