About CTS

Since the beginning, CTS Targets’ mission has been to create and deliver American Made Steel Targets and accessories that shooters can’t wait to use!

Creative designs and the skill of our craftsman combine to create an incredible value to our retailers and consumers alike.

Everything that leaves our factory has been rigorously tested for safety, ease of use and enjoyment. Whether you are a skilled competitive shooter, weekend warrior, retail store or private shooting / training range, our products have been designed and tested to provide you with a safe, simple and action packed range day!


CTS was started by Matt Teske in rural Minnesota. Growing up with determination and drive to succeed in the outdoor / shooting world, he began to bring his innovations and high standards into the early stages of the Steel Target & Accessory world. His designs, attention to detail and demand for reliable products has positioned CTS as an innovative leader in the AR500 steel target industry.

Matt is the active president and lead designer of CTS. Matt and the rest of our welders, technicians and team, make CTS your top choice for all your American AR500 steel needs. Chat with Matt anytime!


Steel targets are a growing choice for shooters looking to hone their skills and get the instant gratification and reaction that paper and cardboard targets can't deliver.

All of our steel targets are made from AR500 steel and laser cut for greater hardness retention over plasma cutting. Certain targets are powder coated for high quality protection. Our targets, if used properly, will withstand thousands of rounds without ever weakening, warping or breaking.

Our standard and best-selling target plates are made from 3/8 stock and can take impacts from pistol rounds as close as 15 yards and at 100 yards can withstand rifle rounds up to a 30-06. We also make 1/2” thick targets which will perform well with rifles up to .338 Lapua at 200 yards. Custom options are available in any thickness.

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