Dueling Tree Moving Shooting Target

CTS Targets LLC

****This is a large target and requires addition handling. Buyer will be contacted to arrange shipping.  Once a shipping quote is done Buyer will be invoiced for the additional shipping charges. You can always back out if shipping is to much.

The CTS Dueling Tree is built from 100% 3/8 AR500 Steel (excluding the legs). The dueling tree has a flat face the sits at a 20 degree angle deflecting round fragments to the ground. The dueling tree is rated for both pistol and rifle calibers so you can have a long range dueling tree battle at 500 yards or a pistol competition at 20 yards. The dueling tree comes with 6 qty 6” targets.


3/8 AR500 Construction (minus legs)

20 degree angle to ground

107lbs total weight

Rifle rated at 100 yards

Pistol rated at 20 yards

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Type: Targets

Vendor: CTS Targets LLC

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